The Significance And Establishment Of iPads And iPods

The Significance And Establishment Of iPads And iPods

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iPads And iPods:

“Compact” is the driving word of the electronics industry. Making gadgets lighter, smaller and adding to its portability is a never ending pursuit of the technologists. Not very long ago desktop computers took everyone by storm. Soon because of their large size and lack of mobility they gave way to laptops. Laptops gained popularity due to portability and multitasking abilities. But they had one flaw. There were no options of voice calling. Mobile phones addressed that problem but made it necessary to carry two gadgets simultaneously.

To provide a solution to this tablet PC or ‘tab’ as they are popularly known came to existence. They merged the utility of a laptop with the convenience of a mobile phone. Apple the electronics giants capitalized on this and launched the iPad. like they had done years ago with the iPod. The concept of a small compact pocket music player materialized in the form of a few inches long device.

The idea of owning such a device went viral among teenagers and sales along with brand value shot up. The iPod came with features which were simple yet useful. They provided users a clear and undistorted sound on the go. Today one can find a variety of models across a wide price range. The present lineup includes iPod shuffle, iPod nano, classic and even ones with touch screens. The features include some really convenient tools like voice read out of the tracks playing and USB recharge. Top of the range models also features video playing and battery life of up to 30 hours. The quality sound, the ease of use along with the pride of owning an apple product has kept its demand high.

iPads have taken the game for Apple to all new level. The tablets from Apple cater to multiple needs of the owner including officials, gaming, entertainment and web users. A long list of features along with some hi-tech specifications make it an aspiring article. A powerful A7 chip processor with m7 coprocessor makes sure it runs smoothly. A large 9.7 inches long screen with high-resolution display and additional features like Retina display, LED backlight, IPS technology, vivid colors and sharp text, Finger print resistant oleophobic Coating makes it invincible. 2 cameras, both capable of clear images and loads of other features makes it a class leader. Apple continues to amaze us with their products and these are not exceptions.

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