FaceTime for iPhone 4 - Setup & Guide

FaceTime for iPhone 4 – Setup & Guide

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What Is FaceTime:

We all have friends with whom we want to chat all day long, and yet not run up a huge bill at the end of the month. iPhone users are in luck, as Apple has its own platform to help you in spending those hours with your friends. It goes by the name of FaceTime and allows you to call, chat and share your thoughts with the friends of your choice, given that both people calling have an Apple device which supports FaceTime, and has a working wireless or 3G connection. With FaceTime, you can see your friend in video irrespective of the number of miles that separate you. With it, you can stay touch with your family across the country, or your neighborhood friends.

Setting Up FaceTime

FaceTime comes pre-installed on your iPhone 4, so there is no hassle of installing it. Follow these simple steps to set it up.

Open Settings

  • Scroll down the Settings list to find FaceTime.
  • Click on the “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime” button, or you can set the User Cellular Data Option to ON if you’re interested in making FaceTime calls outside a Wi-Fi network.
  • Type in your Apple ID and password. Otherwise, click on the “Create new Apple ID” option to set up your free Apple ID. Thereafter, click “Sign In”.
  • If you have only one Apple ID but want other people to be able to access FaceTime on their devices, tap “Add An Email” and enter the mail address. This is of help to families who share one Apple ID, but want to access FaceTime on more than one device.
  • If it isn’t already set to ON, shift the slider to its position to activate FaceTime, which may need some time to turn on.
  • FaceTime is now ready for use on your iPhone 4 and people can contact you using any of the email addresses that you have selected.


How To Use FaceTime:

Using FaceTime is very simple. Here’s how you do it.

  • Click the Phone icon in your app tray, and then click Contacts. Scroll through your contacts till you find the person you want to call. Tap on his/her name to open the entry. Now, click on the FaceTime button, or you can avoid all the steps above by simply calling your friend and then select the FaceTime button in the middle of the call.
  • Once you’ve made the call, wait for your phones to connect over the internet and until your friend answers.
  • When in the call, you’ll be able to see your friend in the main screen and yourself in a smaller window in the top right corner of the screen. Three options are present at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Mute. This is the button the left, which if pressed, renders you inaudible to your friend.
  2. End. The button in the middle, as it name suggests, is used to end the call
  3. Switch. This button is useful when you want to change the camera angle. It can be used to make the camera face towards you or away from you.

The above article explains all you need to know about FaceTime for your iPhone 4. Keep in mind that FaceTime works better when both sides have a strong wireless connection. Although 3G can be used for short calls, it can be cumbersome to maintain a steady 3G connection. Also, for long calls, you might want to place your phone against something, for example a book, so you can relax and talk, while not having to stretch your arm to make your face visible.

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